Manic Monday

I am sure this is not my first post where I have stated how much I dislike Mondays. But man do I dislike Mondays!! Today was no exception. I woke up an absolute allergy mess and did not want to get moving despite the fact that I set my alarm for an hour earlier than … Continue reading »

Happy Fathers Day!!

This weekend has gone by too quickly already yesterday was a delicious pancake breakfast for my girl and I before we hit CrossFit. It was a really intense workout. It was a team wod where there were three wods that everyone had to do. They were (in the order I did them): 1km run and … Continue reading »


This week is finally done! Woooohooooo!!! It was a long and hectic week for me so I am glad that its the weekend and I can R-E-L-A-X! I was able to sort things out with my heel (sort of) with a rush x ray and report and the word from chiro that it’s not a … Continue reading »

Deadlifted Spirits

The last two days have been so busy and crazy. I didn’t get to write anything yesterday and I wanted to recap my workout and awesome dinner. Yesterday’s wod: 12 minute AMRAP Sprint 2 deadlifts 7 hand raise push ups 9 goblet squats I subbed the goblet squats for sit ups because our strength wod … Continue reading »

A Much Needed Rest Night

Last night I took a much needed rest. I didn’t go to Crossfit as Tuesday’s are my usual night off. J had a baseball game and we haven’t made it to watch one game this season yet, so C and I went to watch. It was a good game, but unfortunately they lost. I am … Continue reading »

A case of the Mondays

Today I woke up with a terrible case of the Mondays. I didn’t want to get up. Sometimes having such a fabulous weekend can work against you on a Monday morning. It didn’t help that today was a very dreary rainy day. I had issues with my hair dryer and I think it was taking … Continue reading »

The best kind of weekend

This has been the very best kind of weekend. It’s been busy but also included some down time. And spent with my friends and family. Friday my sister and her bf were in town for the night. My sis and I hit CrossFit and did an awesome wod. 3 rounds 1 min push press 1 … Continue reading »

More sister time!!

I am so pumped that the weekend is almost here!!! Only a couple more hours till it’s officially the weekend for me. I decided to treat myself on my lunch break and get my favourite lunch, thai food. And I got a manicure. I felt I deserved a little treat since it’s been a very … Continue reading »

Beware of Kalsu

Last night was one of the toughest workouts I have ever done at Crossfit. It was the dreaded “Kalsu” wod. I looked it up and many discussion forums and crossfitters call it the hardest wod, and it is know as the dreaded Kalsu. I understand why. “Kalsu” EMOTM (every minute on the minute) 5 burpees … Continue reading »

My Baby’s First Race

Last night I was a proud Mama watching my daughter participate in her first race. It was the Old Mill Race last night. I have run it the last two years but decided to sit it out this year. C did the kids 1km race and she loved it. She was so awesome she didn’t … Continue reading »